privacy policy , terms and conditions about using this website and our car rental services in Santorini

privacy policy

your privacy is very important, From this site you can get car rental services for the island of Santorini in order to proceed to a reservation, or sometimes in order to get a rate quote, we , like all companies, shall need some information. As an examble we might need, drivers full name, drivers age, email and tel. number, drivers licence details (date and country of issue ), and the name of your hotel in Santorini. As you understand, it would be impossible for any car rental company to proceed to any reservation without this information. With us your personal details are safe . WE DO NOT SHARE YOUR PERSONAL DETAILS WITH ANYONE !WE DO NOT USE YOUR EMAIL OR PHONE NUMBER FOR ANY KIND OF PROMOTION PURPOSES !

terms and conditions for our car rentalservices in Santorini

drivers licence

a valid drivers licence for at least one year is required for your car rental in Santorini. A reservation can not be cancelled last minute if for example a client can not present a valid drivers licence accepted by Greek Authorities. We inform you that Greek authorities do not accept copies of images of a driving licence except DVLA verifications. We would be happy to answer any question you might have.

drivers age

drivers must be at least 21 years old. Please contact if you are not 21 yet

payment types

we accept cash, visa, mastercard and amex, as well as paypal payments, bank transfer, and foreign currency, please note that a credit card number is required on car collecction for guarantee purposes

Santorini rental cars capacity

Cars are insured and licenced for a maximum number of passengers. We are not responsible if on collection, more passengers or more luggage than the cars capacity appear. Please select the car that fits your needs.The car we deliver is the car you select, and in a very few occassions, a better / bigger one.

CDW extra insurance

CDW insurance is an optional service that if accepted and paid for, reduces drivers responsibility in case of damage to the excees amount, provided that the car is used under the terms and conditions of the rental agreement

Driving on the beach is prohibited in Santorini

Driving offroad is considered extremely dangerous, and its pointless in Santorini, as normal roads can take you anywhere on the island

Drink and drive is ofcource prohibited

Santorini in general is considered a very safe place to drive a car, and is propably the best way to discover the island, enjoy your stay !!