Oia village in Santorini Greece, is propably the most famous place in Greece. Pictures from beautifull sunsets in Oia have been used for decades to promote Greeces beauties. Oia is also loved by thousands of visitors among others for the cave houses carved in the volcanic rocks, the churches with the blue domes, the breathtaking views over the sea and the volcanoes, the traditional alleys, and the beautifull Ammoudi bay. The Santorini maritime museum is also located in Oia. Some of the most luxurious hotels of Santorini are located in Oia, offering amazing views over the volcanoes and the sea. But there are other types of accommodation as well, such as small family hotels in the village, and there is even a youth hostel.

Oia is located at the northermost part of the island about 8 miles from Fira (main town).

Its the most pictaresque spot. of the island with the world famous sunset.

Although visited by thousands of people, it remains very traditional and  it is the part of the island least affected by tourism.

Because of the large numbers of visitors buses can often be full and taxis can be hard to find.

A rental car is the best and sometimes the only way to visit the rest of the island.

We can deliver your car at any hotel or location in Oia village, Santorini.

For clients that wish to collect their car in Oia village, due to long distance from our stations, there is a minimum rental of 5 days. Please remember that you can also collect your car from Santorini Port or Santorini airport on your arrival !! ( no extra charge !!)

Santorini Oia car rental