*          How old do I have to be in order to rent a car ?

In order to rent any vehicle, you have to be at least 21 years old . It is possible though to rent a vehicle even if you are younger, with a small additional fee. Please contact our office for details. 


*          What kind of drivers license do I need ?

Your country’s license should be ok. It doesn’t necessarily have to be international, eventhough we have to inform you, that for some visitors, an international driving permit is required. ( For example for visitors from USA, Canada, Australia ,India, China, Korea , Japan and some others)

            *          How long must I have a drivers license before I can rent a car ?

You must have a valid drivers license for at least one year.

            *          Are the taxes included in your rates? Even the local taxes ?

Yes , our rates include all  taxes, ( VAT, local taxes, etc )

            *          Can I collect the car at the airport? And if yes, do I pay extra?

Yes , you can collect the car at the airport. There is not an extra charge. The price you get online, is the price you pay.

            *          Can I collect the car at the ferry port? If yes, do I pay extra?

Yes, you can collect the car at the port. There is not an extra charge. The price you get online is final.

*          Can I collect the car at my hotel? ( does it cost extra? )

Yes, you can collect the car at your hotel. There is not an extra charge.

*          What happens if I have any problem with the car?

We make sure that our cars are in excellent condition, so that you don’t have any problems. In any case, we have a 24 hour help line, and our stuff is ready to help you 24/ 7.

*          Can I collect the car any time?

Yes, you can collect the car anytime

            *          Are the roads in Santorini, in good condition?

Yes, the roads on the island are in good condition

            *          Can I park anywhere?

There are free parking places everywhere, so parking is not a problem.

*          What is the speed limit in Santorini?

The speed limit is 65 klms per hour, in open roads, and special signs indicate maximum speed if otherwise.


            *       Can i drive off road?

No, off road driving is not permited. Plus it can be extremely dangerous.

We can not offer any insurance coverages for anything that happens off road.

            *       Can i drive on the beach?

No, driving on the beach is against the law.


            *     Can i rent a car in Santorini, and then use it in another island? ( take it on a ferry ?)

No, that is not possible. The rental car can not leave the island of Santorini.

            *     What happens if i get a parking ticket?

In Santorini, there are free parking places in every village / town . Parking is not a problem. If though, for somereason, a parking ticket is issued for a rental car, the driver of the rental car is responsible for that.

            *     Are there many gas stations in Santorini? How late are they open till?

 There are more than enough gas stations in Santorini. Most of them are open daily ( also Saturdays and Sundays ) from 07:00 to 22:00 ( some till midnight )


If you have any other question, please contact us and we ll answer the soonest possible. Thank you