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why you should experience Santorini with a rented car

2017-12-26 06:35:38

Santorini may not be a very big island, but the best way to experience it is by car.Here's why a Santorini rental car is ideal for those who want to discover everything the island has to offer.

Car rentals in Santorini: The best way to enjoy the island

Santorini is one of the most popular tourist destinations in the world because of its beautiful sunsets, it's gorgeous vistas and its unique architecture. It is also one of the most photographed places in the world and the favorite vacation place of many international celebrities. One of the great advantages of this unique island in the Aegean sea is the fact that it manages to combine amazing views, unique volcanic sand beaches, and really important archaeological sights. There will be definitely lots to see and do during your stay in Santorini.

Despite the relatively small size, Santorini is best experienced by car. Although the island offers public bus transport services, being restricted by the time tables of buses is definitely NOT something that will make your vacation more pleasant. Considering that is very unlikely to bring your own car in Santorini,car rental seems like the best choice.

Here is only a few reasons why you need a car to enjoy Santorini

Not all sights and beaches are reachable by bus.

Although the public buses do get to most popular sights, they usually just get to their general vinicity. What i mean by that is that some bus stops, like the one for the famous red beach, are located pretty far away from the actual sights, which means that you will have to walk quite a bit before you actually get to where you want to go.Walking on gravel roadsand paths during the hot summer days can be very exhausting. A car on the other hand will take you right at the entrance of most sights or as close as possible if the entrance is not reachable by car.

Problematic timetables

You should keep in mind, that bus routes to some really important sights, are not s frequent as those for Santorini's bigger towns where most of the resorts are located. In other words, if you are interested in experiencing the cultural side of the island, you might have to constantly adjusting your schedule in accordance to the bus rutes and timetables. You will definitely not have that problem with a rental car from Santorinieasyrent or another car rental company.

Sights are pretty far apart

Santorini is a rather small island, but this doesn't mean that all the sights that you should vist during your stay there are next or very close to each other. For example, the ancient city of Akrotiri is located 15 kilometres away from the archaeological museum in Fira. Getting from one site or beach, to another, is not something that can be easily done on foot or by relying on public transport. By renting a car, you will be able to visit as many sights as you want each day of your vacation on the island. In other words, you will have complete freedom over your schedule.

Plenty of parking

Finding a place to park in Santorini is not difficult. Most of the hotels have their own private parking lots, while huge public parking areas - where you can park your car free of charge- can be found in every town or village on the island. Even during the high season finding a place to park will not be a problem despite the large number of visitors.

Relatively cheap prices

Car rental prices in Santorini are cheap , especially when compared to those found on other islands of Greece, or the mainland.!




4 important tips for car rentals in the Greek islands

2017-12-12 03:44:00

Car rentals in the Greek islands : what you should be on the look out for

The Greek islands are among the most famous in the world, however if you want to experience them to their fullest, you would have to rent a car.

Visiting the Greek islands is definitely one of the best ways to spend your summer vacation. Let's just say that the millons of visitors that come each year simply can't be wrong. What makes those islands so unique, is the fact that they combine natural beauty, with many very important archaeological sites and museums. Many of them are also famous for their nightlife and extravagant hotels and resorts. in other words, if you want to enjoy the sun and the sea, and learn a bit about history and culture, the Greek islands are the best destination for you.

The islands of Greece may look small in maps, but some of them are actually pretty big. Some, like Crete and Evoia are in fact among the largest in Europe. This means that the best way to see everything that they have to offer is by car and since you probably won't have your own with you, then you will have to rent one from your vacation destination. So, let's see what you should be careful of when you rent  a car in the Greek islands.

Do your market research

Most Greek islands feature a lot of car rental companies. It is not uncommon for small islands to have many companies, each offering its own rates and packages. The internet is perfect for getting a feel of the car rental market on each island.

Prefer local companies

On most popular destinations, such as Santorini, you will usually find branches of multinational car rental companies, its a lot better though to choose a local company like the Santorini Easy Rental Company . Local companies will offer you better rates and their people know the island like the back of their hands, meaning that they could tell you which sites are worth visiting, where you should eat, e.t.c. Also they will be on call 24/7 in case you need some help. Finally most local companies will have one of their people waiting for you with your car at the airport or the islands port free of charge.

Pay attention to what the rates include

Before renting a car on a Greek island, you should have a close look to check what you actually paying for. Some rates, especially the very low ones, won't include things like theft insurance and road assistance. If those things are important to you, then you should make sure that they are included in the offered rates.

Clearly specify what kind of car you are looking for

If you would like to rent a car of a specific type, like an automatic car, or a 4x4 for instance, you should make that very clear to the car rental company before booking. You should ask them to ensure that they will have the kind of car requested, and to inform you in advance if for any reason that is not possible. Keep in mind , that most cars in Greece are manual, so if you don't know how to "drive stick " , and you don't specify that you need an automatic car, you might end up with a car that you can't drive!




5 tips to save money when you rent a car on the Greel islands

2017-12-04 03:59:56

As you may know, car ental rates differ between companies. Here are five tips to get the best car rental rates on one of the most famous tourist destinations..the Greek islands.

When it comes to your vacation, the best way to enjoy and explore your destination is definitely by car. The Greek islands include some of the worlds most famous tourist destinations such as Santorini. In almost every tourist location in the world there are car rental companies. Each company offers its own rates and packages, so selecting the right one is very important. Here are some tips that you should have in mind.

Each island is a unique market

You can't get a "ballpark rate" by lokking up rental rates in random Greek islands. It is often noticed, that in more popular islands, ( like Santorini )  one can find lower rates than in islands that are not so popular

Pay attetntion to the small letters

Does a rate sound too good to be true? Then maybe that is not the final rate. If a company offers significantly lower rates than all other companies, there is a big possibility that there are hidden charges, ( some companies charge extra for the basic third party insurance, may charge taxes up to 27% on top of the rate on car collection, or charge more when the car is not collected from their station ) Make sure that you pay attention to the small print before you commit.

Take into consideration the price of fuel

Gas price is of course different in every country.In Europe in general costs more. Gas expenses is definitely a factor that you should take into consideration when renting a car. A hugh SUV can prove very expensive to move around. Try to avoid vehicles with high fuel consumption, especially in small islands like Santorini

Haggle with local companies

When visitors want to rent a car on the Greek islands, they might turn on branches of multinational companies. That could turn out to be a big mistake, as the rates with these companies are usually very high, plus a lot of services are charged as an extra ( theft and unlimited third party insurance, child seats, extra drivers, different pick up and drop off location are usually only some of them ). Look for local companies such as Easy Rental Santorini Services on the island of Santorini and negotiate for a better price with them. Local companies usually are more open, and very friendly.

Go online

Many companies, even small local ones, offer unique discounts and offers to people who book their cars, using their website. Try to take advantage of those offers by logging in to Google and performing searches for car rental prices on the island that you intend to visit. That should give you a good idea of the rates and special offers available. Always keep in mind that you should not only compare rates, but also what do these rates include...









the most important sights of Santorini

2017-11-27 04:23:42

Santorini has many unique sights for its visitors.Find out which ones you shouldn't miss during your visit to this gorgeous Greek island.

Five unmissable sights in Santorini

Santorini is known all over the world for its beauty and unique landscapes. It is by far one of the most famous and the most photographed tourist destinations in Greece and the planet in general. So, what is there to see apart from the wonderful sunsets and the beautiful white houses perched on the volcano's caldera? As it turns out there's quite a lot. Thanks to its geographical position, climate and landscape, Santorini has a very long history, and it has been an important settlement for many years. As a result, apart from the natural sights, there are also many archaeological monuments that you can visit on the island. Let's see the sights that you should definitely not miss during your visit here.

The volcano

As you may already know, Santorini's uniqueness is due to the fact that the island was ravaged by a volcanic eruption during prehistoric times. The eruption formed the island's caldera and caused the downfall of the Minoan civilization, and is also considered to be the "inspiration" for the seven plagues of Egypt. Nowdays, you can visit the volcano's remains which are located on the island called Nea Kameni, which was formed after the eruption and is located on top of the crater of the still active, yet dormant, volcano. Nea Kameni is one of Europe's most important geological parks.

The ancient city of Akrotiri

When it comes to archaeological sights, the ancient city of Akrotiri is one of the most important not only in Greece, but in the world. The city of Akrotiri is a prehistoric settlement that was buried under volcanic ash and pultice during the hugh volcanic eruption. As a result, the settlement was preserved very well, providing archeologists and visitors with a very vivid glimpse into the past. The city of Akrotiri was extremely advanced, and it features two-storey houses, indoor plumbing - something that most European cities didn't get until the Renaissance- and gorgeous frescoes and murals.

Unique beaches

Santorini is famous for its unique beaches many if which have unique characteristics thanks to the island's rather turbulent geological history. In Santorini you will find very beautiful beaches such as the red beach which derives its name from the red rocks that surround it, and Vlychada which resemples a lunar landscape. Most of the island's other beaches, including Perissa, a town that is very popular with visitors, feature black sand again due to the volcanic eruption that happened thousands of years ago. The beaches are spread all over the island so the best way to visit them is by car. Easy Santorini Car Rental is definitely the right choice for those who want to be able to drive  to all of the island's many sights.

The vineyards and wineries

You may not know it, but Santorini is famous for its wines. The volcanic ash and pultice that has been covering its ground for thousands of years gives the wines produced here a rather unique flavor. In fact, some wine types, such as Nychteri and Vinsanto can only be produced here. The island is full of wineries and vineyards most of which are open to the public, the most famous and popular of which is Santo Wines run by the island's wine producers association. During your visit to the wineries you can learn about the wine production process and you can even get to do some wine tasting to experience the unique wines that Santorini has to offer.

The prehistoric museum

Santorini's prehistoric museum is located in Fira, the island's capital, and it is definitely one of the most important of its kind in the world. Here one can see many artifacts discovered during the excavations at the city of Akrotiri as well as many of the unique frescoes that were found perfectly preserved inside the prehistoric city's houses.


Why you should choose Santorini for your summer vacation

2017-11-18 05:46:17

Santorini is one of the most famous summer vacation destinations in the world, what makes it stand out from the rest though? Keep on reading to find out!

Why you won't forget your summer vacation in Santorini.

Greece is one of the most famous vacation destinations in the world and for good reasons:

The country is well known for its amazing natural beauty and rich history and culture. Not all destinations in this amazing country were created equal however, and some definitely stand out. Santorini, a beautiful island in the Cyclades island complex in the Aegean sea, is one of the most visited places in Greece. Hundreds of thousands of tourists visit this island each year and choose to spend their vacation time there.

Now, you may have heard of Santorini already, but do you know what makes it so special ? Well, let's find out!

Amazing beauty

What makes Santorini so special is definitely the island's natural beauty. The island i its current state, was formed after one of the most terrible volcanic eruptions, that took place more than 3.600 years ago. Before the eruption,the island used to be pretty much round ( its name was Stroggyli which means round in Greek ), but the eruption destroyed most of it, and a gorgeous caldera was formed. Many houses and hotels are built on the edge of the caldera providing unique views. The island's capital Fira, and the village of Oia are constantly voted among the most beautiful destinations in the world. Santorini ( also called Thera ) is also known all over the world for its beautiful sunsets as well as its unique black sand beaches.

Unique sights

Santorini has a very rich history, and is home to one of the oldest, and most advanced prehistoric settlements in the world, the city of Akrotiri, which was preserved  in almost perfect condition thanks to the volcanic poultice and ash, that covered it during the prehistoric eruption. Another site worth visiting, is the island of Nea Kameni which is essentially a still active ( though currently dormant ) volcano, and one of Europe's most important geological parks. There is another ancient city on the island, which is calles Ancient Thera, and is hidden on the top of the mountain between perissa and Kamari. There are many traditional villages on the island, like Megalochori, Pyrgos and Emboreio. In Fira ( the island's capital ) you can also visitthe archaeological museum, which features exhibits found in Akrotiri, including some very famous and gorgeous murals.

Luxury hotels and vibrant nightlife

Santorini has become a very popular destination with Hollywood stars, and fashion models and its famous for its nightlife.It is also a home for some very luxurious hotels and resorts, and villas with private pools perched on the edge of the caldera.

How to get to Santorini

Santorini is one of the most popular summer vacation destinations in Europe, and the world in general, which is why there are many flights every day to the island's airport. You can also get to Santorini by boat from Piraeus port, ( near Athens ) and from most of the other islands . Even if the island is rather small, there are so many places one should visit, in order to trully discover it. Unless you want to rely on local buses, a rental car is the best solution. We , at Santorinieasyrent,  a car rental company located in Santorini, can help you choose the right car for your vacation so you can really explore the amazing island of Santorini !

Santorini – The 5 must-see places

2017-05-22 09:41:46

Rental Car – The best way to move in Santorini

Santorini island is one of the most popular destinations in the world. It combines natural beauty, archaeological interest, the notoriously famous Greek tradition and of course, the Mediterranean Cuisine! Keep in mind that renting a car seems to be the best way to move around the island  so please feel free to see our offers and discounts! Renting a car in Santorini is mandatory if you want to see its beauty to the fullest!

Santorini – Places to visit with your rental car

After you have rented a car there are a handful of must-see locations, so make sure your tank is full of gas and kick the road to the following places!

1. Oia

Set 19km from Santorini Port, with a rented car it will take almost 35 minutes to arrive in Oia, where you will see a sunset you will never forget! This notorious sunset attracts millions of tourists all over the world every year, but also the locals, who choose to visit Oia when the sun goes down! At one point in your life you have seen this famous sunset in postcards, or travel agencies that cite Oia in almost every top-10 list of sightseeing!

2. Fira

Fira is located only 8,5km from the Port and 12km from Oia, which means that a rental car can take you to Fira in about 20 minutes of drive! Why go to Fira? In a distance of 250 meters from the sea, Fira seem as if they climbed up the hill dressed up in a festive white outfit, capturing the enthusiasm of millions of tourists every summer! Definitely a stop worth making!

3. Firostefani

Since you plan visiting Fira, it will be naïve not to go 500m further, to the gorgeous Firostefani. You will reach this quiet village in 5 minutes drive tops with you rental car. It was named this way because it is a continuation of Fira and it remains one of the best stops at every visitor’s list! The view to the Caldera is incomparable, with the cliff at your feet causing the heart to skip a beat! In Firostefani you will also find some of the best restaurants and taverns of the island.

4. Ammoudi

 Your rental car will get some rest with this one! While at Oia, it is strongly recommended to go to Ammoudi Bay, a must-see picturesque little harbor. The only way to go there is by climbing down 214 steps, or having a donkey climb them down for you. Definitely no rental car here! Ammoudi Bay is surrounded by the steep cliffs of Oia, thus also providing a breathtaking view both to Oia and the glorious sunset!

5. Nea Kammeni 

The locals call it “the Volcano” and the visitors have it on their to-see lists long before they have actually arrived. Nea Kammeni is the middle of three little islands that witnessed the volcano eruption, and on it lies the largest crater, called Dafni. You can walk around the crater and see all kinds of rock colors, consisting to a once in a lifetime experience. The only way to go is with a boat, so you do not need a GPS here! 


how to choose the right child seat for your Santorini car rental

2017-05-20 06:24:55

Santorini, is a very popular holiday destination, for families,from all over the world. A rental car in Santorini, is definitely, the easiest way to get around, especially when traveling with young children. We have always been , and always will be, providing child seats for free, for our clients. This post will explain the differences between different kinds of child seats, so you can request the right ones for your children, for your rental car.

1. Child seat for children up to 20 kgs,

This child seat, is adjusted to the back seats of the car, with cars seatbelts. The child is safely secured, with child seats belts. This type of child seat, is always attached so the child faces forward

2. Booster seat for children bigger than 20 kgs

the booster seats purpose, is to lift the child, so the car seat belts can be used properly.

3. Infant seats

this type of child seat, is perfect for infants, that are not able to stand yet . It is attached always to the back seats of the car, facing the back of the car. Attention all infant seats must be attached in a way that the child faces the back of the car!

If you have any question, we would be very happy to help you select the proper child seats for your Santorini rental car.




Changes and improvements at Santorini airport

2017-05-12 12:21:52

There are some changes taking place at the moment, at Santorini airport

The changes aim to improve, services offered to air companies passengers. More check in desks, passengers areas improvements, and parking areas changes are only some of them. For our clients better service, we offer now free airport delivery and pick up. Our people will wait for you at arrivals area, and our cars are ready to go immediately.! As we have mentioned in the past, having a rental car waiting for you at the airport, is probably the easiest way to start your holidays on this amazing island . :))

Should I Hire A Car In Santorini?

2017-03-22 09:09:52
Why should you rent a car in Santorini

The answer, is a definite YES!

Here are some of the most important reasons you should rent or hire a car on your next Santorini trip

It’s Fun To Drive In Santorini

Since Santorini is relatively small as islands go, you can drive the entire island in one day easily, but even in a two or three day period you can really see all of the key highlights around the island by car.

You’ll See So Much More Of The Island

Another great reason to rent a car in Santorini is to see as much of the island as possible. Having a car it provides a lot more flexibility than using public transport.

Renting a car is really worth it! Or else you will miss a lot of places where busses don't go..

With your very own car, you can make the best use of your time. This way you can pick and choose the parts of the island you really want to see, and then just go!

  • Want to take a beach day in Kamari or Perivolos?
  • Want to hike into the secluded Red Beach?
  • Want to do a museum day in Akrotiri and Fira?

Santorini Taxis Aren’t On Every Corner

Most taxis congregate at the airport, the ferry port, and at taxi stands in Fira, Oia, and the beach towns.

The one setback with taxis is the price. Depending on your journey, you can expect to spend 15 to 30 or 40 euros for a one-way trip. Compare that to the cost of hiring a car for one day (20-40 euros depending on the car) and you begin to see the clear advantage of just renting a car.

did you know that about car rental?

2016-12-16 02:06:42

Did you know that your own insurance company, back home, sometimes provides very good coverages for your rental car? Yes ! that is true ..Many insurance companies would cover 100% your rental car...

You might wonder..Ok...and how is this helpfull?

Well...first of all, if you are planning to rent a car, you might want to have this information from your insurance company, before you make a reservation. This way you could save money by not paying extra, for CDW or SCDW. Also if you know that you are covered by your own insurance company, you should get from them a special leaflet with directions and usefull information and conditions.

We shall continue with more things about car rental in Santorini ( and rental cars in general ), that you might don't know..

Stay tuned with www.santorinieasyrent.com


summer is near!

2016-02-07 03:45:20

as summer is near, make sure you make your reservation for your Santorini rental car in time!

new arrivals June 2015 for Santorini easy car rentals !

2015-06-04 15:53:02

Our brand new cars have arrived! soon to be available via our online reservation systems !

VW EOS automatic cabrio Santorini easy car rentals

new arrivals June 2015 for Santorini easy car rentals !

2015-06-04 15:52:02

Our brand new cars have arrived! soon to be available via our online reservation systems !

new arrivals June 2015 for Santorini easy car rentals !

2015-06-04 15:52:01

Our brand new cars have arrived! soon to be available via our online reservation systems !

Summer is here!!

2015-05-16 01:46:24

www.santorinieasyrent.com offers amazing offers for car rental on the beautifull island of Santorini!

Santorini experience !!

2015-05-03 12:16:41

Santorini experience 2015 was just amazing!!!!

Special offers for April / May 2015

2015-03-27 04:15:46

If you are planing a holiday on the amazing island of Santorini in Greece, during April or May 2015, you ll find our car rental deals and special offers irresisitible. As an example we mention just a few of our special offers :

chevrolet matiz manual from 16 euros per day

fiat 500 cabrio automatic from 29 euros per day

smart passion automatic from 25 euros per day

7seaters from 35 euros per day

just make sure you place your reservations in time, since many cars are already booked.lace

Special offers for April / May 2015

2015-03-27 04:15:32

If you are planing a holiday on the amazing island of Santorini in Greece, during April or May 2015, you ll find our car rental deals and special offers irresisitible. As an example we mention just a few of our special offers :

chevrolet matiz manual from 16 euros per day

fiat 500 cabrio automatic from 29 euros per day

smart passion automatic from 25 euros per day

7seaters from 35 euros per day

just make sure you place your reservations in time, since many cars are already booked.lace

santorini easy car rentalsspecial offers

2015-03-14 06:10:25

for the next 7 days, there is going to be one car in very low rate to book....So if you are looking for Santorini car rental, make sure you visit our website !!!

special offers for only a few days more!!

2015-03-05 14:33:41

Special offers for Santorini car rentals

only for a few more days you can book your favourite Santorini rental car in very low prices

book online, or send us an email with your request, and get advantage of our special offers and discounts, even for the high season!!

santorini easy car rentals special offers

special offers for only a few days more!!

2015-03-05 14:33:25

Special offers for Santorini car rentals

only for a few more days you can book your favourite Santorini rental car in very low prices

book online, or send us an email with your request, and get advantage of our special offers and discounts, even for the high season!!

santorini easy car rentals special offers

reservation system upgrade

2015-02-27 03:57:53

dear friends, we are happy to inform you that our reservation system has been upgraded successfully! Its now easier than ever to book your rental car in Santorini online via our website


in only 4 easy steps your reservation is complete. Many new models available to choose from !!

new arrivals

2015-01-11 14:12:08

stay in touch, as very soon we ll have more models available

thank you



new fiat 500 cabrio is available!!!!

2014-05-16 07:45:41

Book the brand new fiat 500 cabrio!!!



Новый Fiat 500 кабриолет автоматическая!
Санторини прокат автомобилей!



new fiat 500 cabrio is available!!!!

2014-05-16 07:45:32

Book the brand new fiat 500 cabrio!!!



Новый Fiat 500 кабриолет автоматическая!
Санторини прокат автомобилей!



new arrivals!!!!

2014-04-24 12:18:20

just arrived !!!

new chevrolet spark !!!


Easter in Santorini, is just amazing!!!!

2014-04-19 12:48:03

here is a foto of Pyrgos village , Good Friday . Something that everyone should expirience!!!


(foto by Z.Nomikou)

are you ready for the summer 2015 ? !!!!

2014-12-17 06:48:43

we have started accepting reservations for summer 2015 !! stay tuned for

our news and special offers to come!!


new arrivals

2015-01-11 14:12:14

stay in touch, as very soon we ll have more models available

thank you



News release 10/03/2015 from Santorini easy car rentals

2015-03-10 16:03:48

Article  1

Santorini  easy car rentals upgrades their car fleet for 2015


Santorini  is a very beautiful island in Southern Greece. It belonges to a  group of islands called the Cyclades. Santorini is one of the most famous destinations for travelers from all over the world. If someone had to mention the most important sights of the island, that would most propably be Oia village and the amazing sunsets, Fira the maintown, full of life and still offering breathtaking views and traditional buildings, Imerovigli and Firostefani, built on the edge of the cliffs, Akrotiri with the excavation site and the red beach, the black sand volcanic beaches of the island, the volcanic islands, and the wineries  of the island. These are only some of the things a visitor can enjoy on the Greek island of Santorini, which is accessable by boat and by plane. Santorini airport is one of the busiest airports in Greece. Thousands of people arrive there everyday, and all the major air companies include this island in their destinations. There are frequent direct flights from almost every country, and ofcource there are many flights daily from / to Athens, which is the capital of Greece. Boats arrive daily at Santorini’s port, from Piraeus ( Athens port) , Crete, Mykonos, Paros, Ios, Naxos, and many many more islands.

Once  the visitor arrives in Santorini, it would be a very good idea, to have a way to get to all the places of interest. Ofcource there are public buses and taxis on the island, but one has to consider the cost of moving around always by taxi, and the time that has to wait for the bus to come. A rental car in Santorini, seems like a very good solution. Imagine how convenient is to have a rental car waiting for you at Santorini  port or Santorini airport . Without losing anytime, the visitor that has already booked their Santorini rental car, can start enjoying the island right away. Renting a car in Santorini not only seems like the best solution , but someone could also save a lot of money this way.

Santorini easy car rentals is a Santorini located and licenced by the G.N.T.O.  car rental company. They have stations all over Santorini, and offer free delivery and pick up of their rental cars at Santorini Airport, Santorini port, or any hotel in Santorini. This way they make it easy for their clients to program their schedule without any limitations. For example their clients can pick up the car of their choice at the port and return it when they finish at the airport, or at their hotel.

For the season of 2015 , a lot of new models have been added to Santorini easy car rentals fleet. All of the new models are now available for everyone to book via their reservation system which has also been upgraded to be more friendly to the visitor. Some of the new models that are available for the season of 2015, is the new opel cascada convertible, a comfortable manual convertible car, that can carry four adult passengers and their luggage. The new smart for two convertible luxury edition is also a new choice for Santorini easy car rental clients. This car is automatic, has leather seats, navigation and multimedia system and with an electric top, that you can open to enjoy the Greek sun. VW touran is a new automatic seven seater, which also offers low fuel consumption, as it is available with diesel engine. Brand new small cars that belong to the economy range have also been added to their fleet. Brand new fiat pandas and the latest Chevrolet sparks,  guarantee top safety as they all offer seven airbugs, and top technology, but come in low prices. Another brand new model for 2015 is the latest fiat 500 cabrio automatic. A very cute little car that is an eye catcher, and promises to offer Italian style in your holidays and island exploration.

Now, more than ever there is a car for everyone. Automatic or manual, convertible or economy, all the cars that are managed by Santorini easy car rentals are in excellent condition and delivered without additional charges anywhere on the island. Together with the car come a few free of charge things, such as a detail map of the island, baby seat or baby booster seat, additional driver, and GPS. A number of services also come without any cost. Such as unlimited klms, theft insurance, third party insurance and CDW insurance, 24 hour helpline and road assistance.

Santorini easy car rentals has promised some more surprises for 2015, announcing that some new Mercedes mini buses are about to join their fleet as well.  A new announcement will be made soon, regarding this and a brand new section of travel service.


Author :            Filaretos Dimoglou